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The Democratising Role of the Web

Money - Liverpool Biennial

Way back in November I went to the The Roy Stringer Lecture – on the Democratising Role of the Web,  at Fact Liverpool.

The speakers included

The event was based around Marth Lane Fox’s visit to Liverpool as she is the Nation’s Digital Champion and has been encouraging people to get on line – with the fantastic Give an Hour initiative. This is a really great idea as I want more people to see the benefits of getting online as proved when we ran the day long How Why DIY event in Aug 2010.

The democratising role of the Web

Liverpool has a population of about 440,000 with 100,000 of those not having daily access to the internet. Information is power and having access to that information can give the individual more power over their lives and over the lives of their children.   That is the Digital Divide that is faced in Liverpool and laughingly isn’t being addressed by any of the councillors or local officials, bringing Martha Lane Fox to town really didn’t resolve any of the issues faced by the people that need access to the internet most.  On a recent visit to a Merseyside school the teacher there told me that the pupils hang around the  school longer so they can use the computers and internet for homework, it is great that these children  get access but not all schools and pupils will be so lucky.

Check out the Digital Inclusion Strategic Framework from Liverpool City Council

During the lecture Martha mentioned that Microsoft are making recycled PC’s available for £95 for those on benefits. But as Richard Smedly rightly pointed out that we throw away millions of PC’s every year that should be recycled with free yes free software and passed on to those in need. Maybe some money should be spent on helping small organisations do just this especially as about 1/2 of adults not online hit 3 or more deprivation domains, then this issue needs to be addressed.

One final comment on this lecture is that the choice of panellist was bewildering, absolutely bewildering with more sense coming from the audience than from at least one of the panel members.

Do you think this Lecture contributes to the debate around democratising the Internet?

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Bizvista Radio Liverpool

It just to show that even if you are in the same business you never know what else is going on. I can even remember how I found this but now I  have.  So for you listening pleasure here is Bizvista radio they have interviews with a variety of people in a variety of places.  Laura Walsh, Christine Chellew, George Sephton and Tim Quinn former Editor of Marvel comics.

Dave Gillooley, the interviewer also does a fine line in architectural illustration. Have a look and give it a listen.

Bizvista radio

A long long time ago in a land far far away…

In the land of Munchies, chomps(ki) and hangovers a group of miscreants gathered after what was normal regular party if you lived off Catherine Street, Liverpool in the 1990’s. This play – Tales from the Settee – was based on real life – just not my own or anybodys that i knew – I think it was the friend of a friend of someone that the writer met in the pub once.

I performed (If you can call it that) – I thereby sat on the Unity Theatre’s stage in a dressing gown, as I played Neville(guess) a cocky student middle class type who had been lucky with the girl in the black dress – Over all there were about 20 of us in it which made it lots of fun to rehearse.

This was the second time that the play had been performed, the first time was at the Workhaus Gallery space, which was such a radical place the council put a hole through it – it was where the passageway exists between Wolstenholme Sq and Duke Street.
Anyway I digress -So the slide show below is from the second time it was performed but the first time I was in it. (does that make sense) A rescripted version was performed later the same year again at the Unity Theatre with a different cast – I played a different character- this time he didn’t have to get naked but his shirt was very tight and he was funnier- so i am told.

You can download a video snippit from Defnet TV of Tales from the Settee and see the kind of shocking work that the Unity Theatre used to allow on.