Facebook me at Social Media Cafe Liverpool

Image Neil Morrin

This is a Call Out for help at the next Social Media Cafe.

So I was thinking at the most recent SMC Liverpool that we had no great way of encouraging people to interact and I wanted them to, this was afterall the purpose of SMC. So here are a few suggestions for making the next meet up a bit more fun.

Interacting – This idea is not new so do steal it, but I want to create a Profile Book for each and every person that comes on the night. I want it to have their photo and a bit of blurb about them plus I want it to feature photos of the people they might consider to be their friends or the people that they meet on the night.

I want everyone to be able to walk away at the end of the night with this Profile book, capturing their evening.

Feedback – there needs to be a physical way for people to feedback – both online and in the real  Physical world  – even if this is just a board for people to write up feedback notes – then we can check it and increase the lights or lower the music. Going to use it as a physical Twitter.

Tagging – I also want some way for guests to tag the people that are there in some way. Organiser, speaker, barman, geek, yummy guy, etc etc  

So I am wondering if we can get any assistance in helping to deliver these elements. If your interested then tweet me @defnetmedia or email me at defnetmedia at gmail dot com