Archived by accident

It last the end of the case, the leads had evaporated, dried up like a summer well. The mud was dryed and cracked just like his old fashioned ideas of good and bad. He was so far out of fashion he was coming back in again, but he didn’t know that and neither did the hicks in the God foresacken hole they called a town in these parts.

But it didn’t matter anymore, his mission now was to get out faster than a cougar with it’s paw in a honey pot, when the bees coming knocking at the hive door. He didn’t want to get stung by the bigger bees in blue uniform he grabbed his bag to go, knocking the computer console keyboard as he did so. The garbled noise the consoleĀ  emitted as he strode towards the door reminded him of tape being wound fast round a spool server, that sound would always stay with him, to remind him of the case that got away. What flashed briefly on the console screen he never consciously saw, but flashes would haunt him …… 50 lives now archived.

I don’t know why I wrote that but….