Monday, Tuesday, Hacky Days

Culture Hacking has never looked so good.

I have been watching the work of the Edinburgh Festivals innovation lab over the past few months with an enourmous amount of envy. They have been doing some fantastic work and it would be great to find a way of starting a Cultural Innovation lab project here in Liverpool.

The Innovation Lab itself grew out of Edinburgh’s Festivals which is a collaboration between 13 of Edinburgh’s Festivals.  I was lucky enough to see Faith Liddell who is the Director of Edinburgh Festivals at the Let’s Work Together conference organised by LARC at the RSA in London. She was discussing how all the Edinburgh Festivals work together and agree which new initiatives should be supported, and the Innovation Lab is one of these.    It would have been the perfect opportunity for me to ask her about the work of EF and the Innovation Lab but alas I was far to busy wondering around with a microphone in my hand to chat to people (don’t ask).

It would be great if some of the cultural sector organisations here in Liverpool were to invite Faith to come and discuss further the work of EF, to look at ways in which some of their models for working could be implemented here and maybe how they could set up a Innovation Lab.

Taking data and creating something fun, arty maybe and occasionally useful makes the whole Culture Hacking event sounds really similar to the  Hacks and Hackers events held in Liverpool at the Art and Design Academy last year. The Hacks and Hackers event took place in a rather hot artists studio at the Art and Design Academy and luckily they were sponsored by the Liverpool Daily Post and Echo.  And Culture Hack Scotland took place over 24 Hours rather than a busy eight hours. The Culture Hacking day peeps looked like they had been having great fun even if they did look tired in the video.

It would be fascinating to see what could be created by Liverpool Hackers from the  Liverpool based data sets we already have or to create some new ones  and to see what can be created from them.

Check out the work of  the festivals innovation lab  and Culture Hack Scotland