Social Media morning or the sharks are a circling

I was asked to exhibit at Social Media Morning by the organisers on 27 January being found on Google. Er thanks Google, good to know my reputation presedes me. It was billed as “Hear from industry thought-leaders and visit an exhibition of the regions’ social media providers during a unique event at Liverpool Science Park.”

So I packed my Live Streaming kit up, grabbed a monitor, printed out some posters for Social Media in Liverpool week and packed a series of other bits and pieces like microphones, audio recorders etc.

Social media morning
Social media Morning

The first part of the morning was “Renowned digital media communications consultant and strategist Kathryn Corrick, of Emarketeers, will be lifting the lid on the latest digital media storytelling techniques and creative disciplines used by the big brands, writers, film makers and television.”

Of course I was busy setting up my exhibition stand while this action was taking place but more than a few people did make it – it was standing room only at the back of the room.

I did make it to the free breakfast part but as soon as I had it broke up and everybody well it felt like everybody heading down the stairs to bombard my stand with questions – I wonder if it was the posters for the free events like Social Media Cafe that were attracting them to the stand?   Yes it was but also because I had put a bit of an effort in and had some kit with me I’m sure.

You can listen to Joe from Custard Media chatting with me at Social media morning on this audio boo recorded while we were there on my trusty Android Phone.


We really did have a great morning with loads of interest in How Why DIY,  Social Media Cafe Liverpool and everything else we do.

We were so busy though that we did miss this workshop/talk

But I did manage to stream a little before the WiFi kicked us off.

If the morning taught me anything it’s that there is a great deal of interest in Social media and the benefits it can have for business.

If anyone is interested in finding out more then contact me or come along to Social Media Cafe Liverpool.

PS. Social Media Cafe Liverpool also have an iPhone app now and it’s free

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