Tuesday, September 23, 2014
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Grange Hill creator says go create… open culture website

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I had an email the other day, asking us to help promote Liverpool's Open Culture website, which has been put together by Phil Redmond as in with his cash, no he didn't write the code.  I went to a presentation by Phil Redmond about the open culture website a couple of months ago and it looked great - so visit it and take part. http://www.culture.org.uk/


Phil Redmond's 'baby' takes its first steps - please let me know if you think it will grow into a well-balanced adult or become a brat!You can now visit the Open Culture website at http://www.culture.org.uk/  and, from January 2008, at http://open.culture.org.uk/  (This is the official address by which the site will be advertised.) It provides an unmoderated space for users to engage with culture, create culture and spark cultural debate! Besides being home to Cultural Clearing, all of the Open Culture Projects will be featured on the site and users can create their own cultural content including videos, words, pictures and sounds and give others the chance to comment. The site will also feature a handy DIY culture section giving advice on things like recording your own music, taking better photographs and making your own films. If you would like to help promote the Open Culture project, and create even greater interest in aspects such as Cultural Clearing, then please add the attached image and the text below to your email signature, or simply pass this email onto others.

Support Liverpool's Open Culture


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