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Tuesday, 27 March 2012 08:24


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spotlightProduced by Graham Holland from Liverpool Acoustic - the Liverpool Acoustic Spotlight is reproduced here as part of Art in Liverpool FM  

  1. Penmann - Waltz
  2. Robert Vincent - You Won't Let It
    Buy the EP The Bomb from
  3. Anna Corcoran - Sailed Away
  4. Hank Dolnez - First Touch
  5. Jelly James - One To Dawn
  6. Holly Taymar & Christopher Bilton - The French One
    From the soon to be released EP 'Never Winter Mind part 2' available from
  7. Lotzie Weaver - The Futility Of War
  8. Wilson Minds - Alone For This One
    Wilson Minds is the new name for Paul Wilkes
    Download this track for free [Bandcamp]

Download here or Click to listen now.

Liverpool Acoustic Spotlight #67 - March/April 2012 

If you get the chance, please support your local artists by emailing them, joining their mailing lists, leaving them comments, going to their gigs, and buying their music direct from them where possible. The Liverpool Acoustic Spotlight is produced and presented by Graham Holland on behalf of the Liverpool Acoustic website, and is a proud member of the Association of Music Podcasting. The theme music is King of the Faeries by Andrew Ellis from his CD Midnight On The Water.

Article reproduced with encouragement by Liverpool Acoustic  

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